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How do I choose and set up my subscription?

This article will guide you through choosing the right subscription plan for your needs and setting it up on There are two main types of customers:

COMPANIES: You own a company and manage its payroll directly.
FIDUCIARIES: You manage the payroll for several client companies.

Choosing your plan:

FIDUCIARIES: Ensure you're on your main company account.

Log in to your account.
Visit the subscription page -
Enter your VAT number and confirm your billing email address.
Choose your desired plan:

- FLEX: For businesses needing flexible payroll.
- STANDARD: For businesses seeking consistent payroll.
- PLUS: For businesses planning with annual efficiency.

Click "START NOW" for your chosen plan.

Setting up your subscription:


Add your bank details: BIC and IBAN.
Download the SEPA Direct Debit mandate
Fill it out, sign it and upload a copy.
Send the signed copy to your bank.
Check the box to confirm.

PLUS plan:

Enter the annual quantity of payslips you expect to generate.

To avoid any problems with direct debits, please make sure you inform your bank either by phone or email and confirm the SEPA Direct Debit mandate.

Remember, you have the flexibility to generate multiple payslips for the same employee and month. However, only one of these generated payslips will be invoiced at the end. Also, non-periodic payslips aren't invoiced.

Estimating payslip quantity:

Predicting future payslip quantities can be challenging.
We recommend using the previous year's quantity and adding a 10-20% buffer for potential fluctuations.
The PLUS plan's tiered pricing rewards higher quantities with lower per payslip costs.
The PLUS plan allows for carryover of 50% of the total prepaid payslips, providing flexibility.

For example, let's say your company purchased a subscription to our PLUS plan, which includes 180 prepaid payslips for the year, enough to cover the payroll needs of 15 employees. At the end of the year, if you've used 150 payslips, you would have 30 payslips left. With our PLUS plan, you have the flexibility to carry over 50% of the total prepaid payslips, meaning you can carry over all 30 unused payslips to the next year. This feature provides added security and flexibility for your future planning needs.

This FAQ covers the key steps. Visit the subscription page for full details and terms.
For further assistance, please contact our support team.

We hope this information helps you choose and set up your subscription easily!

Updated on: 27/03/2024