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How do I register my employee with the CCSS? (with SECUline)

Please note that if you have your employee's social security number, you can simply enter it in the profile and when adding the contract on the "Contracts" tab, you will be able to trigger the automatic sending of the entry declaration to the CCSS by checking the box at the end of the form.

For companies using SECUline to register employees without a social security number in Luxembourg, the following steps must be taken:

Ensure that SECUline is activated for your company:

Confirm that SECUline is active by checking for a small SECUline tag on your company page, just below the company name.

Request a new social security number:

On the employee's profile, check the box labeled "Request a new identification number (if the employee does not already have one).

Upload a high-quality color scan of the employee's ID:

Upload a color scan of the employee's ID or passport. Make sure the quality of the scan is very good so that the employee's information is clearly readable.

Note: If the quality of the scan is not sufficient, the CCSS will reject the request.

Important Points

The "CARTID" file is used to transfer the scanned identity documents to the CCSS, and the "DEMMAT" file contains the employee's contact information and the request for a social security number.
The CCSS will process the request and automatically assign a Luxembourg social security number to the employee if they do not already have one.
Both the employer and the employee will be notified once the social security number has been assigned.

By following these steps, employers can efficiently manage the registration and social security number issuance process for employees using SECUline.

Updated on: 27/06/2024